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Weatherproof a5, a4, 20cm x 40 cm recycled 3-5mm polystyrene board.

Can only be used with our products.

Made in Cornwall certification must by law only be displayed with our products.

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MADE IN CORNWALL a6, Made From Fishing Nets a4, Made From Fishing Nets a5, Zip Pulls a5, Keyrings a5, Mixed Beads a4, Mixed Beads a5, Green Beads a4, Green Beads a5, Earrings a4, Earrings a5, Coasters a4, Coasters a5, Bracelets recycled from fishing nets 20cm x 40cm, Jewellery recycled from ocean plastic 20cm x 40cm, Coasters recycled from ocean plastic 20cm x 40cm, Bracelet stand with sign, Coaster stand with sign, Jewellery stand with sign, Display net, Test tubes, Net jar, Plastics jar